1 Arco delle Scalette

Many doubts surround the genesis and paternity of the arch which began the access route to the sanctuary of Monte Berico, prior to the mid-eighteenth century realitazion of the porticoes themselves by Francesco Muttoni. What appears to be certain is the date of construction (fixed at 1595) and the identity of the patron, the Venetian captain Giacomo Bragadino.
Equally well documented are the requests of the friars of the Sanctuary, from 1574-1576, to gain financial support from the Community in order to reconstruct the entire stepped route ("le Scalette") to Monte Berico. However, there is no proof as to whether the arch was included in this process of general reconstruction, which also affected the Sanctuary itself. Just as uncertain is the original configuration of the arch, which seventeenth century images show to have had frontal niches, subsequently shifted to the intrados in order to make room for the Annunciation by Orazio Marinali.

Arco delle Scalette
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