14 Palazzo Thiene

In October 1542, Marcantonio and Adriano Thiene initiated the grandiose restructuring of their 15th-century family residence in Vicenza, which was to subsequently occupy an entire block. Very wealthy and powerful, the sophisticated Thiene brothers felt they needed a setting that would suit their cosmopolitan social life and the nobility of their guests. At the same time, they wanted to draw attention to their social standing in the city with a princely palazzo that would offer a tangible sign of their aristocratic power.
The concept and initial plans for palazzo Thiene were probably produced by the mature and experienced Giulio Romano, while it appears that the younger Andrea Palladio was responsible for the executive drawings and the actual construction work. Palladio in any case assumed an essential role in the project following Giulio's death in 1546.
Work on the building began in 1542 but proceeded very slowly. The date 1556 is inscribed on the outer façade, and in the courtyard we find the date 1558. Only a small portion of the grandiose project was completed.

Palazzo Thiene
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