2 Cappella Valmarana

It was probably in 1576, on the occasion of Antonio Valmarana's death, that Palladio came to design the delicate chapel in the crypt of the church of Santa Corona, which had already been the sepulchral space of the Valmarana family for fifty years. For Antonio's parents, Palladio had already built the great family palace on today's Corso Fogazzaro some ten years earlier. Undoubtedly Palladian, even without direct documentary evidence, the Cappella Valmarana is a carefully-gauged space, almost a hypogaeum, of extremely reduced dimensions: it is a sophisticated quotation of the tablinum from the antique Roman house.
In virtually the same years Palladio designed the lateral chapels of the church of the Redentore in Venice, arranging in sequence a series of spaces substantially identical to those of the Cappella Valmarana, almost as though the example at Vicenza were a sort of prototype.

Cappella Valmarana
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