3 Casa Cogollo

Though known as the "House of Palladio", in reality this building has no connection whatsoever with the residence of the Vicentine master. In truth, the Maggior Consiglio forced the notary Pietro Cogollo to remodel the façade of his Quattrocento house as a contribution to the "decorum of the city", making this provision a condition of the positive response to his request to gain Vicentine citizenship.
The constraints posed by a narrow space and the impossibility of opening windows at the centre of the piano nobile (because of an existing fireplace and its flue) induced Palladio to emphasise the façade's central axis, by realising a structure with a ground floor arch flanked by engaged columns, and on the upper storey a sort of tabernacle which framed a fresco by Giovanni Antonio Fasolo.
The result is a composition of great monumental and expressive force, despite the simplicity of the means available.

Casa Cogollo, esterno
Casa Cogollo, piantina
Consorzio Vicenzae
Camera di Commercio di Vicenza